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There's a lot that I've taught over the years in the both corporate world and to individuals, about #WorkLifeBalance (or more accurately, #WorkLifeEffectiveness).

As a bit of an insight into the basics, before you can get the balance right, you've got to learn a few tricks about Time management. If you can free up and re-allocate time for what matters to you, make sure you use it for that purpose, or you'll forever be chasing ways to free up time, and never benefiting from what you gain, always filling it with the next thing!

If you've got a good work-life balance, learn to understand habits, where they come from, and how to break them. And if you can improve your mental agility, through wide ranging brain exercises (from Suduko to lateral thinking games), you can learn to think up alternatives, as there are always lots of options for everything we do.

But if you want to know the 2 biggest secrets in the formula for a great work life balance, the first is to draw a line between them. They don't mix well, so make sure your time is on one or the other, and that you clearly plan when you are doing each. If you work from home, make sure you are in work mode when you are in the office. When you are home, 'BE' home, and say no to distractions. And if you must take a phone call or reply to an email, take it to your home office. This leads to good discipline. And the second key ingredient is to have a supportive manager, and a supportive family. If they aren't you'll never be recognised as being in a dedicated "work" or "home" mindset, and this blurs the line between the two worlds. As a great friend said to me many years ago, "If you want to understand your own effectiveness, spot your distractions".

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